Bamboo is a versatile corporate events business, with Clients and projects spanning the Asia-Pacific region. While many companies work in a similar space, we are unique in the way we tailor each event to each Client.

We do not try and sell to you something 'off the shelf' and generic; we work with you to understand what you and your Clients are looking for, and craft a solution accordingly. Our Client relationships typically last considerably longer than other consultancies doing similar work, with the Client getting a more effective solution designed for a specific need.

A mistake commonly made by many companies in our space is to assume Asia is one homogeneous mass of 3.8 billion people. While this may be technically accurate, it is also a region comprising 48 countries, with hundreds of languages and dialects. Thus to take the 'one size fits all' approach will invariably lead to cultural misunderstandings, and unsatisfactory outcomes for all interested parties.

At Bamboo we strongly believe it is our flexibility and desire to listen to the differing needs of our Clients, that enables us to work across a wide range of projects - from bespoke hospitality at F1 Rocks Singapore, to in-house management development and staff-engagement programmes in Hong Kong, China and India.

“ flexibility of design
   enables us to work effectively
     across a variety of projects ”